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Kevin Hofer

Kevin Hofer

Kevin Hofer is the Director of Client Operations at Digital Momentum. Kevin is responsible for teaching businesses how to build effective online marketing strategies. You can reach him at @kevinhofer on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Recent Posts by Kevin Hofer:

by Kevin Hofer, on 6/24/19 5:17 PM

As sales and marketing professionals, the pressure has never been greater for us to grow our businesses and push them forward. At the same time, traditional sales and marketing tactics …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 5/8/19 2:24 PM

CONCORD, N.C. (May 7, 2019) – Leavine Family Racing (LFR) is proud to feature a paint scheme aboard the No. 95 Toyota Camry this weekend at Kansas Speedway highlighting Digital …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 4/9/19 4:12 PM

When you consider that online sales still make up a small percentage of total retail sales in the US (13%), e-commerce remains a nascent industry, and there is still a …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 3/5/19 10:12 AM

It seems like not too long ago that if you wanted to build a new website, it almost always required hiring a professional to get the results you wanted. Today, …

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Topics:StrategyWeb design

by Kevin Hofer, on 2/22/19 9:52 AM

In an increasingly connected online world, information security is critically important to all internet users. Visitors to your website want to be sure that the information they share with you …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 1/8/19 4:52 PM

Despite the fact that it’s easier today than ever for businesses to have a website, nearly 46% of small businesses still do NOT have one for their business (Source). We …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 12/20/18 11:27 AM

Back in the early days of the web, it was enough for a company to just throw up a website that was nothing more than an online brochure. In those …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 11/14/18 1:32 PM

Traditional marketing is dead. Or at least, it should be. Let me illustrate through an example. As you’re reading this, imagine you get a phone call and the conversation goes …

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Topics:Inbound Marketing

by Kevin Hofer, on 10/25/18 9:56 AM

In today’s highly-competitive business environment, lean operations and tight budgets are more the rule than the exception. For that reason, it’s understandable why companies may be reluctant to invest - …

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Topics:Web design

by Kevin Hofer, on 9/12/18 9:20 AM

We just returned from HubSpot’s annual INBOUND Conference. Where roughly 24,000 gather to learn about the latest trends in marketing, selling and delighting customers (in an inbound way) and then …

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