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The Situation

We hear the following things right before someone
asks if we will build them a new website:

My website ...  

The Reality

We are firm believers in aligning on an appropriate go-to-market strategy first before just rushing off to build a new website. However, there are times when building a website is the right first move, and we can do that!

We will work with you to verify that building a website is your business's "best" next step. Once we all agree that this is the next step, we will work with you to estimate your project.

The Plan

We have a proven process that delivers predictable, scalable growth for companies in the racing and automotive performance industries, and this is how it works for website projects.

Scope and Goal Definition
  • Understand your motivation for a website redesign
  • Align on design: what are we keeping, evolving, revamping
  • Discuss impact of various design directions on timeline & budget
Site Map
  • Understand the top 3-5 key pages that require the most effort
  • How to get the maximum result without paying for "grunt work"
  • What (if anything) will your team own beyond content?
Features & Conversion Points
  • Document key features & functionality
  • Blog, conversion points, key pages
  • How can we crush your new web design but not your wallet
  • We will present you with multiple options. YOU are in control of the budget
Keys to Winning
  • 1 decision maker + 2 (max) stakeholders - not decision by committee
  • Content is provided in advance
  • We will create custom modules, not custom code
Final Alignment
  • 3 examples of what you like / dislike & why
  • Alignment on budget + timeline
  • Kickoff call + your POC
s-curve 2

Just Build My Website, Please

If you want to jump the alignment on a go-to-market strategy step and just need a new website, let's talk and understand if we are the right fit for your business.