What's in a Name?

Changing the name of the company was not an easy decision because, for a long time, our name was an implicit reflection on the work we executed for our clients. We are - and continue to be - specialists in creating and managing websites for clients in the racing industry. Racing websites = RACERSITES.

We had built up sufficient brand equity in the marketplace such that when we would see folks in the paddock at events, they’d nod in our direction with a knowing look and say, “hey, there goes the 'website guys'”. This recognition was the result of our continued focus on delivering website solutions to the motorsports industry for over 15 years now.

While that recognition was (and continues to be) gratifying, over time, we came to realize that just building a nice website was not delivering measurable value to our clients. It was difficult for us to tie a website project to measurable business benefit. This was largely because the website was often built in a silo, in the absence of a broader, yet cohesive, and comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Of which the website is just one component.

We knew that if we wanted to survive as a business, our value proposition had to change. Some of our more sophisticated clients were asking for this, and we knew that others would soon follow suit. Over the last 18 months, we have taken strides to expand our overall capability set to offer more comprehensive digital marketing services.

Make no mistake, building well-designed, user-friendly websites is still at the core of what we do. Your website will always be the anchor point of your company’s digital footprint. And we will continue to offer those services. However, instead of just focusing on building-out one discrete portion of a digital marketing initiative, we have a much more robust digital marketing capability set our clients can leverage to help grow their businesses.

OK, so what does all of this have to do with the name of the company?

As our capabilities have expanded, the name RACERSITES no longer felt like it represented who we are and the value we can drive for our customers. We are still exclusively focused on the racing industry. We love motorsports and the relentless pursuit of driving results. We have this in common with our clients, it’s very much a part of our DNA. However, it’s not JUST about the website anymore.

We now offer full-blown digital marketing services, centered on the Inbound methodology. This includes, digital marketing strategy development, SEO services, social media strategy, email marketing. The new name still needed to be a reflection of our commitment to motorsport, but also encompass the the full range of services we now offer.

Just as our customers are in the business of creating, and sustaining momentum on the race track (or in their business), we intend to drive similar momentum in their sales and marketing performance. Thus, the name, Digital Momentum.

The key take away from all of this is that we are still the same “website guys”. We’re just a little smarter now, and are able to drive more measurable value for our clients. If you are just interested in working with us to design and build a new website, we can help you, just like we always have. If you already have a great website, we are now equipped to help you take your digital marketing game to the next level.

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