Digital Momentum was founded in 1998 as RACERSITES, a traditional web design and development shop focused on building and managing websites for small businesses. In 2002, Chuck Tate (an avid kart racer) turned his avocation into his vocation and adjusted the company’s focus to deliver website solutions specifically to clients in the racing industry. Read more about the RACERSITES origin story.


This combined passion and love of racing, technology, and marketing, uniquely positions Digital Momentum to develop digital marketing strategies that help our clients win.

WHY? (What Makes Us Different)

The truth is, old-school marketing just doesn't cut it anymore. We consistently hear from companies that spend lots of money on offline advertising and marketing initiatives, but they continue to struggle to see the return on that investment. Even more often, we hear from brands who spend a lot of money on a website yet cannot articulate exactly how the site is adding value to their business.

We help companies in the racing industry accelerate their digital marketing and sales efforts. The starting line may be different - you may be just beginning your digital marketing journey, or your internal marketing capabilities are already somewhat sophisticated - but the goal is still the same.

Digital Momentum exists to help race teams, drivers, manufacturers, organizations, and sponsors grow their business by pushing their digital marketing to the next level. Just like you, racing is in our blood, so winning is the only option.

WHAT (The DigMo Toolkit)

Over the years, we've worked with a number of tools and on a number of platforms. In time, we've focused our services - and become experts - on the following. As part of our work together, we will determine the best platform on which to build your site and accelerate your business growth.


If you don’t have the stomach for managing some of the risks that come with an open-source platform (like Wordpress), AND you are looking not just to grow your website traffic, but also increase leads and customers, then HubSpot is the platform for you.


Shopify is one the most popular eCommerce platforms online today. It is a SaaS solution, which mean you are not burdened with the headaches around hosting / maintenance (think patching, security updates, etc.) and PCI compliance of the website itself. This frees you up to spend resources on optimizing your site to sell more product and generate more revenue for your business.

Digital Momentum

If you fall more on the competition side of the racing business, you likely have very specific functional needs for your site. Over the last 15 years, we have continued to develop and support a custom CMS specifically aimed at racers. This managed solution option will meet the needs of any driver, team, or sanctioning body.

Digital Momentum HubSpot NASCAR


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Digital Momentum is a Gold-certified HubSpot Solutions Partner agency that combines user-centric website design and development principles with the inbound marketing methodology to grow your business. We are focused on delivering digital marketing that you can measure.


These values are rooted in our company, and we seek savvy, hardworking individuals who connect with them. These values are how we will develop credible relationships.

We have THREE distinct values that define our culture. They work together congruently, and not one can stand on its merit alone.



Our feelings that we have to seek out the best solution




Our work ethic required to deliver excellent results




Our positive way in which we all behave and work together


DigMo Leadership

Chuck Tate grew up around racing. From the age of three, Chuck was attending races at Santa Fe Speedway, a dirt track just west of Chicago, Illinois.

The racing bug drove Chuck into competitive karting, which he still does to this day. The thirst for speed and thrill of competition is something that never left Chuck, and he ultimately turned his avocation into his vocation when founding Digital Momentum (formerly RACERSITES) in 2002.

Chuck Tate

Kevin Hofer, an avid sports fan, has over 20 years of experience in the digital space. Before joining Digital Momentum, Kevin worked on the websites for a variety of professional sports teams and leagues across the NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Kevin’s love of stick-and-ball sports translated quickly and easily to racing when he joined Chuck in 2002. Kevin oversees the operational side of the Digital Momentum business and is responsible for teaching businesses how to build effective online marketing strategies.

Kevin Hofer

Alexa Godwin may have one of the biggest “car guys” for a dad in history so cars and racing have always been around her. From attending races when she was little, having the constant hum of a race or car show on in the background, to even living in Carlisle, PA – the Car Show capital of the US - she couldn’t escape cars if she tried and even found the same “trap” for her career.

But, racing and cars hold a special spot in her heart and possess a nostalgic quality – part of her reason for joining the Digital Momentum team.

Alexa Godwin
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Ready to Start Winning?

If you are ready to chart a strategy for growth for your business, book a chat with Chuck today.

Chuck is the CEO of Digital Momentum and he will personally build you a growth road map.

This roadmap will deliver recommendations on what he would do if he were in your shoes - whether you hire Digital Momentum or not.