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What's in a name?

Digital Momentum wasn’t always called Digital Momentum. Even though the company has been around in some form since 1998, it has only been Digital Momentum since August of 2018. Before that, we were known as RACERSITES.

RACERSITES, founded by Chuck Tate, was born out of a passion for racing. From the beginning the company was focused on delivering web design and development services for clients in the racing industry.

Our clients have won multiple Daytona 500's, Indianapolis 500's, 24 Hours of Daytona, NASCAR Championships, IndyCar Championships, Grand-Am Championships, Star Mazda Championships, Karting Championships and races in just about every form of auto racing.

Over time, as our expertise and capabilities have grown, the name RACERSITES was no longer representative of the value the company could provide. So, what happened to RACERSITES? The short answer is, we simply changed the name of the company. The longer answer requires a bit of explanation.


From RS to DM
The evolution of a brand

Learn more about how the RACERSITES brand grew and evolved over time, eventually becoming Digital Momentum.

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