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Digital Momentum is now offering FREE development for its personalized FASTRAX website product.

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What's The Deal?

We are living through an unprecedented and uncertain time and we want to help the motorsport industry.

In an effort to support our racing community, we are offering FASTRAX website design and development for FREE!

This new program will eliminate the design and development costs associated with the FASTRAX sites and brings the price down from $5,700 to $1,200, nearly an 80% cost savings. See the FAQ section below for more details.


Sample FASTRAX Sites

Click the images below the see a few example FASTRAX sites

Tyler Maxson
Bret Holmes
Austin Hill

FASTRAX Pages & Features


Your about page will let you tell your fans as well as existing (and potential!) sponsors alike what you are all about. The content on this page is entirely customizable so that you can include bio information or whatever additional information you'd like.


Post as many (or as few) updates about your racing program through the customized news section of FASTRAX. News items will post to the news section of the site, and current stories will display on the main page.


Your FASTRAX site will pull in any photos that you publish on a photo-sharing website, like Flickr. This content - updated one time, in one place to prevent duplicated work - will be displayed on your site automatically. So easy!


Just as with your photos, video content on your FASTRAX site will be pulled in from the YouTube platform. The goal of using these third-party services is to reduce hosting costs and reduce the maintenance burden to keep your website up-to-date for your fans and sponsors.


Manage your list of racing events - and associated results - throughout your racing season with ease. Previous years' results can also be archived on the site.


An entire section of the site will be dedicated to promoting the sponsors/partners that support your racing program. You will be able to display the logo, a brief description, and a link to each partner's web site for all of your sponsors.


In addition to publishing your contact information (such as email address, phone numbers, etc.), site visitors will be able to contact you via an online form.

Responsive Design

Our FASTRAX design templates utilize responsive design principles to ensure that your site is optimized to look its best across multiple device types, such as your mobile phone, table, and of course, your desktop computer.


Your FASTRAX website is a completely managed solution - meaning the price of hosting is included. We will get your personalized site built and then host it for you after it is launched. No technical work for you!

Promote Yourself. Help Your Partners. Get a Jump on Your Competition.

Start Your Website!


There are no complicated design decisions to make, or layout templates to wrangle. This speeds time to market and results in a satisfying, low-friction experience.



The suite of specialized services that comprise the Digital Momentum FASTRAX solution is the most affordable solution available in the industry today for racers.



The hallmark of all Digital Momentum products is a compelling site design, and that is a key component of the FASTRAX offering.



All FASTRAX clients have access to the Digital Momentum support team. We will walk you through the site build, and be there for you after your site is launched.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions?

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