Leveraging The Digital Growth Framework: 3 Key Steps to Success

Chuck Tate
Post by Chuck Tate

Leveraging The Digital Growth Framework Blog“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle,” Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

Any business owner understands the truth and importance of this statement. Growing a business comes with hundreds of unique challenges, including keeping up with the market, setting up and maintaining the right processes and systems, maintaining a steady and responsibly managed cash flow, and more. But these challenges are only the tip of the iceberg.

Managing your organization’s growth can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. When you activate the Digital Growth Framework™, you give yourself the blueprint you and your team need to grow your business successfully. This post will provide you with the three steps every organization needs to take to maximize its results.


How the Digital Growth Framework™ Works and Why Your Business Needs It

Growth IcebergBefore we lay out the steps required to build a system of growth, let’s first answer a foundational question: What is the Digital Growth Framework™? The Digital Growth Framework™ is a well-defined acceleration plan based on clearly understanding your business goals, target audience, and critical external developments.

Implementing the Digital Growth Framework™ arms you with a go-to-market strategy so you can stop approaching marketing and digital sales with the “see what sticks” method instead of giving you a strategic guide to sustainable growth.

Some of the key elements of the Digital Growth Framework™ include:

  • Go to Market Strategy
    • Growth Model + Competitive Positioning
    • Customer Development + Competitive Advantage
    • Content, Engagement & Conversion Pillars
    • Brand Narrative & Trust Authority
  • Website / Sales Funnel
  • Lead Magnets
  • Data analysis

While there are many ways to grow your business, at Digital Momentum, we employ a three-step methodology for deploying our Digital Growth Framework™ for your business.

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1. Analyze

Similar to how a competent building engineer would never draw up a blueprint without analyzing the structure’s foundation, a great marketer will not start a campaign without a strategy. At the beginning of our Digital Growth Framework, we craft strategies for profitable customer acquisitions, or what we like to call “winning.” Over 12 business days (spread over four weeks), we work with you to create a go-to-market strategy designed around your goals.

For example, what drives the behavior of your target customers? Are you using your website primarily to establish trust and credibility among your target audience? Or is its main goal to support your customers during the buying process?

Digital Momentum helps you dive into your business and get answers to all the relevant questions to develop a well-crafted Digital Growth Plan. At this website discovery stage, we also collaborate with you about the requirements of your future website (including the related costs) and deliver you a go-to-market plan.

2. Assemble

In this step, we work with clients to build out their sales funnel (a.k.a. website). The sales funnel, which follows the path that a prospective or current customer takes before making a purchase, is the most powerful resource for building a high-converting website. Think of this as a race car’s engine. The sales funnel will inform the essential key pages of the website. We will create these critical pages with compelling, informative website content based on what we defined in the Digital Growth Plan in step one.

We also collaborate to compile the necessary graphical and technical elements for the site at this stage. There are also considerations that need an ongoing awareness of best website design practices, such as color theory and visual hierarchy, among many others.

We like to think of this step as the engine building stage. Here you are building all the key pieces for growth. But every engine needs fuel - and it needs the proper fuel to run at its best. Similarly, you can build the most amazing website in the world, but without effective marketing (or fuel), you will not hit your strategic goals.

3. Accelerate

Finally, you’ll begin your growth marketing efforts in earnest. In the Accelerate phase, we fill the engine up with fuel and drive enthusiasts into your sales funnel. At Digital Momentum, we help you grow your business by driving more traffic to your pages, converting those site visitors into leads, and turning those leads into customers.

We set website goals, measure results, and collaborate with you to ensure continuous improvement over time. We do all of this by leveraging the Inbound Marketing Methodology. Inbound isn’t just a marketing framework; it’s an entirely new way of thinking!

Instead of “forcing” your products upon your target audience, we work to establish a strong connection between your website and your customers. We do this through relevant and helpful digital marketing content that adds value to your customer’s buying journey at every stage. By creating valuable content designed to solve the problems and needs of your customers, you earn trust and credibility for your business, secure customers’ attention, and attract qualified prospects.


The Growth Framework™: Your Digital Roadmap

Think of your growth framework as your digital roadmap to success. Just as beginning a road trip without consulting a map may result in you getting lost, beginning marketing efforts for your business without a growth framework will result in inconsistent results, lost marketing dollars, and missed goals.

Implementing a growth framework in your organization is the best way to ensure your marketing and growth efforts are aligned with business goals and best practices, giving you predictable results from the onset.

At Digital Momentum, we help ensure that you start on the right foot—and keep that momentum going, regardless of any challenges you may face. While businesses can be unpredictable in many ways, your digital marketing does not need to be. We guarantee our framework, so you are not guessing about your growth. You’re already in the race; the only question now is, “do you want to win”?

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