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by Kevin Hofer, on 7/25/18 11:27 AM

Back in the early days of the web, it was enough for a company to just throw up a website that was nothing more than an online brochure. In those …

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by Mike Kitchel, on 7/16/18 4:10 PM

Social media has exploded – and continues to expand – as one of the most essential components of any brand’s marketing plans. Never before have you been able to engage …

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by Chuck Tate, on 7/10/18 3:34 PM

In the motorsports industry sponsors make the world go around. It’s literally that simple. A healthy base of sponsorship funding typically translates directly into having the resources needed to be …

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by Kevin Hofer, on 7/2/18 4:52 PM

Despite the fact that it’s easier today than ever for businesses to have a website, nearly 46% or small business still do NOT have one for their business (Source). We …

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