Alexa Godwin

Senior Account Manager

Alexa Godwin may have one of the biggest “car guys” for a dad in history, so cars and racing have always been around her. From attending races when she was little, having the constant hum of a race or car show on in the background, to even living in Carlisle, PA – the Car Show capital of the US - she couldn’t escape cars if she tried and even found the same “trap” for her career. But, racing and cars hold a special spot in her heart and possess a nostalgic quality – part of her reason for joining the Digital Momentum team.

The other reason was her background of over 8 years in digital advertising as a Senior Media Buyer at the top advertising agency back home in Buffalo, NY. With this background, it was a natural fit for her to join the Digital Momentum team and provide Digital Momentum’s clients with the client service skills she honed at her previous job, along with her deep digital advertising and marketing knowledge. Alexa brings a unique background coming from the paid digital space and has a firm belief that all things digital must be trackable. This background, coupled with the fact she lives in “Race City USA” now, made it all make sense to Alexa that joining the Digital Momentum team was the right decision.

Alexa resides in Mooresville, NC with her family and can often be found (usually with her sister/best friend) around different vehicles – boats – her favorite past time.

Whatever you are, be a good one.
- Abraham Lincoln

Get to Know Alexa

  • Last three books you've read
    Becoming (currently reading), Inbound Organization, The Personal MBA

  • Favorite local beer
    Uh, does King Canary's Prosecco count?

  • Your sports teams
    Buffalo Bills (feel bad for me) and Buffalo Sabres

  • Favorite movie
    It's Complicated

  • Favorite band today
    Dolly Parton (always), Drake, Lydia

  • Favorite Outdoor Activity
    Being on the lake

  • Describe yourself in three words
    Enthusiastic. Hard Worker. Fast Talker.