Your website is the anchor point for your brand

Over the last few years, website visitor behavior has changed dramatically. Attention spans are getting shorter, not longer. Combine this with advances in search technology, the ubiquity of mobile devices, and uncertainty around third-party platforms (like social) and it’s clear that your website is as important as ever.

As the anchor point for your brand online, your website is the hub of your digital marketing strategy. At Digital Momentum, we create responsive websites (meaning, websites that look and work great regardless of the device used to view them) that produce measurable results. In today’s highly competitive environment, we believe that your website should:

Have a Purpose - just like you wouldn’t spend the money to hire a new employee without knowing what work they will do for you, that same litmus test should be applied to your website. How is your website going to help your business? The more clarity you have around this, the more successful your website project will be.

Look Good - a hallmark of all Digital Momentum website projects is a user-focused, custom design. But we’re not talking about design just for design’s sake here. Gone are the days of just creating an “online brochure” based off of your offline print collateral. Keeping the purpose of your site in mind (yes, we will keep coming back to that), we will create designs that are not only a reflection of your existing brand, but are simple, easily navigated, and optimized for the end-user experience on all devices.

Be Helpful - people aren’t visiting your website because they want to learn more about you. They have a problem that they are looking to solve. When people have problems, they ask questions. When they have questions, they ask a search engine. If you can provide the answers to those questions on your website, you’ll be seen as an authority in you industry, building credibility and trust with potential prospects.

Address the questions of your clients and prospects or someone else will." - Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask, You Answer.

Add Value - as of January 2020, there are over 1.7 billion websites on the Internet (source). Odds are there are a few websites and companies in that number with which you compete for eyeballs. You have to differentiate yourself from the competition by providing content your website visitors can’t get anywhere else. This builds on the "Be Helpful" concept, but doesn’t limit your content generation to simply answering questions. Create content that addresses your target customers' pain points, or challenges.

Focus on Being Visible - more and more, search engines are getting better at understanding the intent of user searches and delivering relevant results. If you are focused on creating original content that adds value to your target audience, you’ve done most of the hard work. Beyond that, however, a focus on keywords and on-page SEO optimization will give you the best chance at appearing in those results and increasing traffic to your site.

Convert Your Audience - this all starts with “why” your website exists. Without a focus on conversion (compelling your site visitors to take a desired action), the traffic to your website is nothing but a bunch of anonymous bits and bytes. You must engage with your audience and begin to establish a relationship with them if you have any hope of them becoming a customer. This can be as simple as building a subscriber list for a blog, or a complicated marketing workflow. Whatever it is, have a focus on conversion.

Be Continuously Improved - we’ve all heard the adage in the website space that a website project is never truly “done”. While that’s often said tongue-in-cheek, there is some validity to this claim. Despite the best laid plans, there is no way to guarantee that your website will perform as you expect. For this reason, performance must always be monitored, relative to the goals set forth at the outset of the project, and the website updated based on this performance analysis. We are obsessed with data, and using it to improve our websites and the results they deliver and will encourage the same obsession within you.

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Our Preferred Platforms

As part of our work together, we will determine the best platform on which to build your site. The platforms we work with most often are outlined below.

Platform - HubSpot
If you don’t have the stomach for managing some of the risks that come with an open-source platform (like Wordpress), AND you are looking not just to grow your website traffic, but also increase leads and customers, then HubSpot is the platform for you.

Platform - Wordpress
If portability is a concern, and you want flexibility from a hosting standpoint, then the most popular blogging/CMS platform out there is perfect for you.

Shopify is one the most popular eCommerce platforms online today. It is a SaaS solution, which mean you are not burdened with the headaches around hosting / maintenance (think patching, security updates, etc.) and PCI compliance of the website itself. This frees you up to spend resources on optimizing your site to sell more product and generate more revenue for your business.

Platform - Custom
If you fall more on the competition side of the racing business, you likely have very specific functional needs for your site. Over the last 15 years, we have continued to develop and support a custom CMS specifically aimed at racers. This managed solution option will meet the needs of any driver, team, or sanctioning body.

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Web Design Service Offerings

We engage with our customers at a level that is appropriate with their comfort from a digital marketing standpoint, as well as a budgetary standpoint. The most common three entry points are outlined below.


Already have a website and want to learn more about it first before making any changes?


Have dreams of a new website or a facelift of your current site but not sure of all the details?


Know you’re ready to start the website design (or redesign) and development process?

Website Intelligence Audit

Website Intelligence Audit

This is an introductory engagement where we will paint a picture for you of how your website is currently performing to help you build intelligence around your existing web presence. The ultimate goal of this engagement is to help you think more strategically about your website.

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Website Discovery

Website Discovery

This is an introductory engagement where we will collaborate with you to clearly and fully document the details of the structure, features, and requirements of your future website (including the related costs). Another unique feature of our Website Discovery service, you are under no obligation to carry out the project with us (or anyone, for that matter).

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Custom Design & Development

Custom Design and Development

Our custom website design and development services will produce a bespoke website crafted specifically with your business - and its unique goals - in mind.

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