Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing Workshop

This interactive workshop will educate you on the principles of the inbound methodology and help to get buy-in, if necessary, from internal stakeholders.

Inbound Workshop

What Is It?

The Inbound Workshop is a collaborative engagement that will introduce you to the inbound methodology and help determine if the inbound approach to sales and marketing can help you grow your business.

Who's It For?

  • Your current marketing initiatives aren't working and you are looking for an updated approach
  • You have heard of inbound, but aren't sure if it is good fit for your company
  • You believe in the inbound methodology, but need help getting buy-in from management

The Details

The primary goal of the inbound workshop is to educate you on the principles of the inbound marketing methodology and help to get buy-in from the appropriate stakeholders that this is a strategy worth investing in for your company.

This engagement involves an audit of your current marketing activities both online (website, social media, existing inbound initiatives, etc.), and offline. It also consists of a review of your business, overall, to identify and document clear goals for a potential inbound marketing program.

This is an interactive engagement, involving participation from you right off the bat, that will span somewhere from 4-6 weeks from startup to completion.

What Does it Cost?


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