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Digital Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing Startup

This Inbound Marketing Startup is a project-based inbound marketing engagement meant to provide one or more "quick wins" to show the value of the inbound marketing methodology when applied to your business

Inbound Startup

What Is It?

The Inbound Marketing Startup lets you dip your toe in the inbound marketing waters with a short-term, project-based engagement that helps you learn how inbound can help your business grow.

Who's It For?

Those who are familiar with the inbound marketing methodology - and believe in the value that it can provide - but are not yet ready to commit to a year-long retainer engagement.

The Details

If a full-blown inbound marketing retainer seems too daunting of an undertaking, this one-off project is a way for you to begin your inbound marketing journey. This gives you an opportunity to learn in a lower-pressure environment, while also getting to know, and get comfortable with, Digital Momentum and its capacity to deliver. The goal is to provide one or more quick wins to show the value of the inbound methodology.

This engagement does require that the customer has first completed an inbound workshop engagement with Digital Momentum. This is necessary to ensure that we have a proper understanding of the business’ growth goals, so the short-term project is positioned for success and also aligned with larger marketing goals to ensure maximized return.

These short term projects will vary in scope, and can last anywhere from one to three months, and therefore, the costs will vary.

What Does it Cost?


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